November 24, 2015

LSU and USC Luncheon

After suffering severe damage from terrible weather, South Carolina made the long trip to LSU at the alternative location of the scheduled football game.  In efforts to make the trip a little easier on the Athletic Training and Equipment students and staff, the LSU Athletic Training students and L Club hosted a luncheon when they arrived.  The L Club provided Voodoo BBQ for the visiting support staff including pulled pork, beans, mac and cheese, and bread pudding.  The Athletic Training students were able to spend time with the students from South Carolina over lunch and make them feel comfortable during their time in Baton Rouge.  

This luncheon was just one of the many things LSU
did to help South Carolina fans feel comfortable and aid the effort of restoring the damage done to their state.  All of the ticket and concession sales collected from the game in Death Valley were donated to assist in the relief efforts in South Carolina.  We are hoping that our efforts made the South Carolina support staff's trip to Baton Rouge a more enjoyable one.  We also hope that mingling with our fellow students for a short time was able to take their mind off the things going on back home.

Shepard's Market Can Drive

St. Johns Shepard's Market collects food to donate to those in the Baton Rouge area that are in need.  Over the months of October and November, the LSU Athletic Training Students collected cans to donate to the Shepard's Market.  At the conclusion of the can drive, the students and staff collected over 800 cans to donate.  Some of the students also went to the Shepard's Market to personally drop off the cans. The Athletic Training Students collected and help unload their weekly donation truck.  We are very proud of the amazing effort our students put into collecting cans and the incredible outcome of our drive.  We are excited that our program was able to help those in need as well.  Our students will be continuing to volunteer their time at the market throughout the remainder of the school year.

Sturlese Award Recipient

Congratulations to Josh Paul for receiving the Sturlese Award.  This award is given to the most outstanding football athletic training student who possesses a strong work ethic, positive attitude, strong determination to work as a team, and is looked at as a role model in the classroom and on the field or in the athletic training room.  When asked about what receiving this award meant to him, Josh responded, "It is a great honor to receive the Sturlese Award.  I want to thank the football athletic training staff members, graduate assistants, and the Sturlese family for giving me this award.  I also want to thank my fellow athletic training students at football for making it a fun and enjoyable place to work." Congratulations again Josh and the best of luck on continuing to achieve great things!

September Student of the Month

Our Student Athletic Trainer of the Month for September is Josh Paul!  Josh is a second year who is currently working with LSU Football team and worked with Catholic High School last year.  When asked about Josh Paul, Lauren Norton, a GA at football, said "Josh has been a great asset to the football athletic training staff.  He has grown in all aspects of athletic training, in the athletic training room, on the field and in the classroom.  Josh is a strong leader among his peers and is a good role model for the younger students in the program."  Josh continues to grow as an athletic trainer and exemplifies great traits that an athletic trainer should posses.  Evidence of this is that he was also the recipient of the 2015 Acadian Ambulance Sturlese Memorial Award.  Congratulations to Josh Paul and keep up the great work!