May 12, 2015

Football Operation Athletic Training Interns for Summer of 2015

Every year, two LSU Athletic Training Students are chosen for the Football Operations Summer Internship.  Along with this internship, the athletic training students chosen receive a full scholarship for the summer semesters.  These students work with LSU Football Athletic Training Staff in providing medical coverage for the Tiger's summer strength and conditioning program.  Congratulations to the students that were chosen for the internship this year- Hope Wildharber and Josh Paul! Hope told us that she is honored to receive this opportunity.  She knows that she will gain invaluable experienced with this internship and she cannot wait to get started.  When we asked Josh Paul about receiving this internship he said, "I am honored and excited to be chosen for this internship.  I cannot wait to get started and gain valuable experience over the summer!"  Any student in the program can apply to the multiple merit-based scholarships available to them... including this highly sought after internship.  The descriptions and requirements for applying to those scholarships can be found at the link below.  We encourage all students in the program to take advantage of these scholarships that are available to them.  Again, congratulations to Hope and Josh for this achievement.  We look forward to watching them grow throughout their internship.

Recap of the 2015-2016 Football Season

The annual LSU Spring Game was held on April 18, 2015.  White defeated Purple with a score of 45-6.  Even though there was questionable weather, once the game got going everything ran smoothly and the turnout was fantastic.  The athletic trainers at football worked their tails off all season and leading up to the spring game to make sure all the athletes were healthy and ready to play.  They worked hard throughout the game to make sure the athletes stayed hydrated and were ready to show the fans what they have to look forward to next year.  They did a great job this season and this Spring Game showed some great insight into what the 2015-2016 season will look like for the LSU Tigers. As the countdown begins, we have a little over 2 months until LSU Football season is back in action and the Louisiana Saturday nights generate more memories for all the fans that come out to support us.  We appreciate all the hard work that the staff and players put into preparing this team.

Symposium Success!

The symposium has finally passed and it turned out to be a great success! We had over 400 high school students attend and learn about what we as LSU Athletic Training Students do while being students in the Athletic Training Curriculum.  Some of the high students favorite stations were taping, weather conditions, and spine boarding. These students left with adequate knowledge about the LSU Athletic Training Program and overall information about what athletic trainers do as certified athletic trainers in the profession.  The whole day was run by the LSU Athletic Training Students.  There were about 10 stations that actively involved the high school students in demonstrations and lectures.  We hope that the high school students who attended enjoyed themselves as much as we did and that they had a positive learning experience.  Congratulations to the students on another successful symposium. Let's start brainstorming ideas for next year! We hope to have an even bigger turn out in 2016!

2015-2016 Alpha Tau Sigma Officers

As the year is coming to an end, it time to say goodbye to our graduating seniors and for the younger athletic training students to move into new roles and responsibilities.  One of the most important of those responsibilities is running the athletic training student organization Alpha Tau Sigma.  We would like to congratulate the new officers that have been elected for the upcoming year! The following students will be the officers of the 2015-2016 school year: 

Hope Wildharber has been reelected as Historian.  Hope is currently a second year student working with Men’s Basketball and who also worked with Softball last year.  Hope was Historian last year and has done a fantastic job of running our LSU Athletic Training instagram and documenting all of the things our students do throughout the year.  

Armand Daigle is a junior in program and is currently working with LSU Baseball.  He previously worked with LSU Football in his first year.  Armand will be the new Treasurer for this upcoming year! 

Whitney Laurent will be the new Secretary for this 2015-2016 year.  Whitney is currently a first year in the program and is working at Dutchtown High School.  

Hunter Martin will be the new Vice President for next year.  Hunter is currently a second year in the program and working at Central High School.  He was a student at LSU Football last year as well.  Hunter served as the symposium chair this year to assist the current Vice President Anna Fitch in organizing our Annual Spring High School Symposium. 

Olivia Wishman will be the new President for the 2015-2016 year.  Olivia is currently a second year working with Women's Basketball.  She previously worked with LSU football in her first year.  Olivia is also one of the editors of the Tiger Talk Newsletter.