April 10, 2014

LSU Wellness Fair

On Wednesday, April 2nd, our undergraduate athletic training students participated in the LSU Wellness Fair. At some of the other booths, students were given the opportunity to have their blood pressure and glucose levels read, learned about healthy meal plans, and have their vision checked. At the athletic training station, the LSU community was introduced to our “TigerHearts CPS Program” for the first time. Created by students Brendan Jacob and Derek Carter, TigerHearts teaches two-step CPR to individuals by showing them an instructional video and allowing them to practice chest compression. Jacob and Carter aim to teach this simple process to all of the athletic teams on campus as a simple preventive measure that could one day save a life. Athletic training students also demonstrated basic stretching and core strengthening exercises to their peers using exercise mats and physioballs. Thank you to all who came out, and keep your eye open for more opportunities to learn more about TigerHearts.

Gymnasts Express Gratitude

Our very own Matt Gregg has become a celebrity in his own right around the LSU gymnastics community. Gregg came to LSU after completing his bachelor’s degree in athletic training at Duquesne University, has worked with the LSU gymnastics team for the last two years as a graduate assistant for the past two years. Matt has foraged a special bond with the gymnastics team during these two seasons, and to show their appreciation for all of his hard work, they created a video to show the public the ins and outs of all Gregg does. The video can be seen here. You look great on camera Matt. Keep up the good work!

Welcome to Sand Volleyball!

We are excited to welcome a new Tiger into our athletic training family! LSU has recently added a Women’s Sand Volleyball team and has hired our new graduate assistant, Lauren Norton.  Norton went to undergrad at East Carolina University and has worked with the Volleyball, Women’s Soccer, Track and Field, Swimming and Diving, Football, Women’s Basketball, Baseball, and local high school previously.  Norton stayed an extra semester to student teach and receive her BS in school education as well.  She aspired to come to a larger university with a bigger athletic program. Norton had a unique situation coming in during the spring, but has had no problem adjusting to the life of Sand Volleyball.  Norton stated “It is great being involved with the excitement of having a new sport at LSU and with the NCAA.  I have loved working alongside Regan and the indoor girls and look forward to being a part of the Athletic Training family for the next couple of years.”  Norton’s future goals are to one-day work with a volleyball or basketball team.  Norton has done a great job thus far and we look forward to seeing all that she will accomplish here at LSU.  

Student of the Month

Congratulations to Tiffani Frizzell, our Student of the Month for April!  Tiffani is a second year student in our Athletic Training Program.  She worked with the Track and Field team last year and is previously working with our gymnastics team who is currently the NCAA Regional champions and is on their way to the semifinals.  Tiffani has been an outstanding student in her class since her first year in the program.  She is a hard worker and excels both in the classroom and in the training room.   Matt Gregg, Tiffani’s graduate assistant stated “Tiffani has shown to be a hard worker this year and her growth as a leader and student in Athletic Training has been very evident.”