February 24, 2015

Dr. Ray Castle as Stephenson Disaster Institute Senior Fellow

We are proud to announce that LSU's Athletic Training Curriculum Program Director, Dr. Ray Castle, has been appointed to be a Senior Fellow for the Stephenson Disaster Management Institute (SDMI).  Because of Dr. Castle’s extensive background in Athletic Training (20 years experience) and experience coordinating the medical coverage for a variety of athletic events, he is uniquely qualified for this position.  Dr. Castle is adding this post to other positions including Medical Coordinator for the Louisiana Marathon.  He also has experience working with the Boston Marathon, Ironman Triathlon, and providing medical coverage for high school, collegiate, and international athletics. 
Dr. Castle has a number of responsibilities as Senior Fellow.  He will advise on disaster and emergency management, concentrating specifically on critical incident management and planning for a variety of local and state athletic events.  Dr. Castle also has the opportunity to submit articles for publication through the Stephenson Disaster Management Institute.  Lastly, he will be responsible for presenting information, performing research studies, educating other healthcare providers, and representing the SDMI at a variety of events. 

Congratulation to Dr. Castle on this commendable achievement! We know he works very hard, and we proud of everything he continues to accomplish. 

Students Volunteer at the Louisiana Marathon

Every year a group of LSU Athletic Training Students volunteer at the Louisiana Marathon.  This year we had over 20 students from our curriculum program helping to provide medical coverage to those participants in the marathon.  Dr. Ray Castle served his second term as the Medical Coordinator for the marathon.  One of our third year students, Derek Carter, also served as the Medical Coordinator Intern this year.  Derek’s responsibilities included: assisting in developing the medical protocols for the marathon, planning the volunteer assignments, race-day coordination of on-course medical care, and other duties related to the health and well-being of the participants.  When asked about his experience with the marathon, Derek told us, “Working with the Louisiana Marathon organizing committee helped me gain the knowledge and skills necessary to work with multiple agencies at the local, state, and federal level along with private entities.  It is truly amazing the planning that goes into a citywide event and the cooperation of everyone.  The event taught me management and planning skills that I will be able to use throughout my career.  The experience left me with a new perspective on large scale event planning.” The marathon this year had over 90 volunteers that worked throughout the weekend to provide care to over 300 runners. 

The program is extremely proud of Dr. Castle, Derek, and the other students that volunteered their time to help those running.  They gained invaluable experience and represented LSU Athletic Training well. 

The Official Date of the High School Symposium

The official date for our 11th Annual High School Athletic Training Symposium has finally been released! Students will be able to participate in hands-on labs, tours of the LSU Athletic Training facilities, and interact with the LSU Athletic Training family.  It will be on March 25, 2015 from 8 AM to 2 PM at LSU Football Operations Building.  The registration fee for each student is $25, which includes lunch and an LSU Athletic Training Symposium T-Shirt.  Please come out and enjoy an eventful and educational day with the LSU Athletic Training Program.  For more information about registration, the symposium, and to see pictures of past symposiums visit the Spring Athletic Training Symposium link at www.lsuats.blogspot.com.

January Student of the Month

Congratulation to Leslie Payne who was chosen as Student of the Month for January!  Leslie is a senior who currently works with Women's Tennis and has worked with LSU's Swimming and Diving and Central High School.  Her preceptor Daniel stated that "she is a phenomenal student, always going above and beyond my expectations.  She related well with our athletes and they enjoy having her around.  It has been a pleasure having Leslie as my student."  Leslie is always a smiling face and contributes a great deal to the positive environment of the athletic training room.  Congratulations again to Leslie Payne.