July 16, 2015

Where Are They Now?

With the end of the school year comes new beginnings and prospects for the departing seniors.  All of this year's seniors are headed for great things.  We wanted to know just where they will be continuing their athletic training exposure as they leave the grounds and athletic training facilities of LSU.  We also wanted to know what they took from their experience here at LSU including some advice they think is important to pass on to future students.

Keressa Ackles is originally from Houston, Texas.  In her time at LSU, she worked with Men's Basketball, Football, and Men's and Women's Track and Field.  Keressa will be assuming a graduate assistantship at Southwest Minnesota State University where she will be working with Women's Basketball and Soccer. We wish Keressa all the best and know that she will do a fantastic job representing our program at her new position.  

Adrianne Bosworth is a Baton Rouge native.  She gained experience working with University High, Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving, and Softball throughout her three years at LSU.  Adrianne served as Secretary of our student organization, Alpha Tau Sigma as well.  She will be attending graduate school at Southern Illinois in Carbondale.  Her responsibility there will be Softball.  We asked Adrianne what was one of the most valuable things she learned at LSU and she told us that she, "learned to make the most of the opportunities she is given.  We also asked what she will miss the most about LSU, in which she replied, "I will miss being so close to home and always being with my long time friends and family."  Finally, we asked what advice she would leave for the students still in the program. "Don't be afraid to put yourself out there or reach out for help to become the best you can be." We wish Adrianne the best of luck and are excited to see where the future takes her.  

Derek Carter came to LSU from Woodlands, Texas.  During his time at LSU he worked with Women's Basketball, Softball, and LSU Football.  Derek obtained a position at Texas A&M University as a graduate assistant with their football team.  We know that Derek's vibrant and energetic personality will be one of his most valuable assets and we look forward to seeing where it takes him.  

Brandon Cazaubon is also a Louisiana native, hailing from the great city of New Orleans.  Brandon worked with University High, LSU Football, LSU Track and Field, and LSU Sand Volleyball throughout his time in undergrad.  He will be moving on to graduate school here at LSU and will be working as an athletic trainer at the University High Lab School on campus.  We are excited for the opportunities that Brandon is already taking advantage of and are happy to be keeping him so close to home.  

Anna Fitch is also a Baton Rouge native.  During her time at LSU, she worked with Football, Soccer, and Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving.  Anna will be going to North Alabama University to work with their volleyball team.  Anna served as a fantastic Vice President for our student organize Alpha Tau Sigma during her time here.  She was a vital part of organizing our Annual High School Symposium and we greatly appreciate all the hard work she has put in.  We wish her the best of luck and would also like to congratulate her on her recent marriage! 

Tiffany Frizzell came to LSU from Long Beach, Mississippi.  She was assigned to LSU Track and Field her first year, LSU Gymnastics her second year, and LSU Football her third year at LSU.  Tiffany will be moving on to Florida Atlantic University and is still awaiting her sport assignment there.  Whatever sport she receives, we know she will excel and we look forward to seeing all the accomplishments she makes in the future.  

Samantha Guidry is another Baton Rouge native.  During her time here at LSU she has worked with Softball, Track and Field, and Episcopal High School.  Currently, she does not plan on attending graduate right away. When she does so, she plans to attend either LSU or Southeastern University.  Something she learned at LSU was that "even when things are seemingly all going wrong, there is still something or someone out there who sees the positive in you."  We also asked her what she will miss most when she leaves LSU.  She told us she feels she, "will miss all of the opportunities she has been given, especially those she received within the Athletic Training Program."  Lastly, we asked Sam what advice she would give to the students still in the program.  She replied, "Don't go into anything with a negative mindset.  Always have a positive outlook even when things may not be going your way.  Don't be afraid to speak up, when you believe you have something important to say." We wish Sam the best of luck in her endeavors and look forward to seeing what she chooses to do with her future.  

Sarah Keating is from Covington, Louisiana.  While at LSU, Sarah worked with LSU Football, Swimming and Diving, and The Dunham School.  Sarah will be graduating from LSU in August.  We wish her the best of luck as she finishes up her undergraduate degree.  

Laura McKowen is another Baton Rouge native.  Laura gained experience working with LSU Soccer, Baseball, and Football during her time in undergrad.  Laura will be moving on Southern Mississippi University to work with their Track team.  Laura served as the President of our student organization, Alpha Tau Sigma, during her senior year at LSU.  We appreciate all the hard work she did for the organization and the program. We wish her the best of luck during graduate school and are excited about what he future has in store for her.  

Leslie Payne in also from Louisiana, coming to LSU from Denham Springs. Leslie worked with LSU Swimming and Diving her first year, Central High school her second year, and Women's Tennis in her final year. Leslie will attend graduate school at Cumberland University and work as a graduate assistant with their Football team.  Her ultimate goal is work with children in a clinical setting one day.  We look forward to watching Leslie make her dream come true.  

Bayley Romig is also from Long Beach Mississippi.  In her time at LSU, Bayley worked with LSU Football, Dutchtown High School, and LSU Men's Tennis.  Bayley will be attending graduate school at Tulane University in New Orleans this fall.  She will be working with the Women's Swimming and Diving team there.  When we asked Bayley what she would miss most about LSU she told us, " I will the people and the family atmosphere most.  They have been my support system and helped mold me into the person I am today.  It is hard to leave the people you have been with for four years."  We also asked her what advice she would give to the students still in the program.  Her advice would be, "to make the most out of every opportunity you are given.  Stay hungry and constantly look for ways to learn and get new experiences.  There is always something to learn from each event, each person, and each class you come in contact with."  Bayley's positive and bright personality will be missed in the training room, but we look forward to watching her grow as a clinician.  

Josh Walker is yet another Baton Rouge native.  While at LSU, Josh has worked with LSU Track and Field, LSU Baseball, and Central High School. Josh will be moving on to Mississippi State University to work baseball.  He was also the Treasurer Alpha Tau Sigma.  He told us "at LSU, I learned how to be a part of a team in order to accomplish a goal that is bigger than me or anything I could accomplish alone."  When asked what he will miss he said, "I will miss the many valuable friendships that I have gained over the years while at LSU."  Lastly, the advice that Josh would give to younger students was, "get as much knowledge out of the staff as you can because we have best staff in the nation."  Josh is headed for great things and we look forward to following him on his journey into the future.  

Jasmine Wilson came to us from New Orleans, Louisiana.  During her first year at LSU, Jasmine worked with LSU Football.  She then worked with LSU Women's Basketball her second year and LSU Volleyball her last year. Jasmine will be leaving LSU to complete an internship with Alabama State University's Track and Cross Country team.  After completing her internship plays to attend graduate school.  We wish Jasmine the best of luck and look forward to seeing where her future takes her.

Taylor Wright hails from Sulphur, Louisiana.  While at LSU, Taylor worked with LSU Football, LSU Track and Field, and Dutchtown High School. Taylor will not be moving on to graduate school, but she will be participating in a discipleship school through her church, Antioch, in Baton Rouge.  We asked Taylor what the most valuable thing she learned at LSU was, and she told us, "I've learned the importance of keeping my head up and keeping a positive mindset, because Lord knows that life as an athletic training student was certainly a crazy one!"  She told us that she will miss the people and friendships she has gained at LSU throughout her four years here.  She advises the students that will follow her to "embrace and invest in your time at LSU and in the athletic training program, because time will seriously fly by and it will be over before you know it!"  We are very proud of all of the accomplishments Taylor has made throughout her time here at LSU and we are excited for what her future has in store for her.

As you can see we have some amazing seniors leaving us this year.  We are very thankful for the impact that each and everyone of these seniors has had on our program.  We will miss them very much, but we wish them the best of luck and much success! 

Another Year, Another Tradition Upheld

The main goal of every Athletic Training Student is gain as much experience and knowledge as possible throughout their time in undergraduate education.  All of that experience and knowledge will be used to accomplish one thing, becoming a Certified Athletic Trainer.  This year we are proud to announce that our graduating seniors have all accomplished this goal. LSU had a 100% past rate on the Board of Certification (BOC) Exam for Athletic Training this year.  We are extremely proud of all the hard work our seniors have done throughout the years.  It has been a pleasure to watch them grow into mature, skilled, and knowledgeable students.  We are so proud that they could continue our long standing tradition of a 100% pass rate.  We are excited to see where all of these students go in the future and the other accomplishments they will achieve.  The other students in the program have big shoes to fill but are motivated to keep the tradition alive.  Again, congratulations to all the seniors on their certifications and good luck as you make your first steps into your future!

Our Distinguished Communicator

One of the many programs at LSU that is gaining notoriety is the Distinguished Communicators Program.  This program helps to develop and foster its student's communication skills and ultimately make them more desirable and marketable to future employers.  Those involved in this program are required to develop a digital portfolio and take technological, written, spoken, and visual intensive courses.  This year one of the students for the LSU Athletic Training Program graduated with this honor.  Adrianne Bosworth dedicated the little spare time she had throughout her time here at LSU to complete the requirements of this program and develop her communication skills.  Adrianne worked extremely hard during her time here at LSU and it is amazing to see all of her hard work pay off.  Congratulations Adrianne on your achievement! We are sure it is going to help you throughout the bright future your inevitably have.  To learn more about the Distinguished Communicators Program, visit the link below.

April Student of the Month

The last but certainly not least, Student of the Month for the 2014-2015 year is Bayley Romig! Bayley is a graduating senior who just recently passed her BOC exam to become a Certified Athletic Trainer.  During her first year in the program, Bayley worked with LSU Football.  For her second year, she gained experience working with Dutchtown High School.  She rounded out her last year at Men's Tennis. When we asked Bayley's preceptor Joe Wisniewski his thoughts on his student he replied, "Bayley's maturity and professionalism was well displayed during the month of April as the Men's Tennis team prepared for post-season. She was a vital part in keeping the team healthy and prepared for matches during their most important time of the season." Congratulations Bayley, you did a fantastic job during your time here at LSU.  We are very proud of you as well as all of the graduating seniors, and we look forward to seeing where the future takes you.